"Awareness Brings Transformation"

Hi there!
I am Bharati

Transformation Coach & Author

As a Coach, I am able to give you massive breakthroughs by creating self-awareness.
These breakthroughs lead to positive shift in your relationships, career, finance & overall life .

About Me:

Hi I am Bharati Sharma, Transformation Coach & Author. I have over 15 years of experience into Human Resources working into various corporates. My enriched experience of working with people from various backgrounds, across levels helped me understand different mindsets. I have always been very curious about why do different people behave differently in same situation.

So I had my share of struggles after I quit my 9-5pm job. I decided to take help and signed up for my transformation journey because I was tired of not being able to change situation or circumstances around me. I did the best thing I could do. With this transformation journey I got answers to all my questions. I also realised it is not only important to seek help when you are not able to solve for challenges & problems own your own, but also important to seek help even before the problem arises.

Now since I am an empowered person and living a successful life; I am on my journey on helping others to become an empowered version of themselves.

Services Offered

1-0-1 Coaching


One on One coaching is offered if you feel that you want to have dedicated time from me because of either the issue is somewhat personal and you are not comfortable in a group; or you feel you might want to do it at your own pace and not want to move along with other coachees.

Group Coaching


Group coaching is a great way and more effective than any other form of coaching. In group coaching, coaching is done in group of 2-5 coachees. When you work with different mindsets the results you get are manifold.

Workshops & Coaching


I also offer coaching to corporates & non-corporates in form of coaching & workshops. The coaching programs can be customized to best suit the needs of any group from corporates to individual professionals. Every program is designed to bring transformation and desired results.

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As a Coach, I am able to give you massive breakthroughs by creating self-awareness.

My Coaching Approach

As a Coach I have the ability to look at the situation or a challenge that my clients are facing as a non-judgmental identity. I help my clients by creating self awareness, so ; as soon as they start their coaching journey, they start experiencing a lot of realizations & breakthroughs because of awareness created around them. I help my clients in achieving what they want. I empower them to take tough decisions, sharpen their life skills & help them maintain good state.

I do all of this not just with the good to know information but a proven systematic process, where you get to experience the beauty of human touch & technology.

When you take up a coaching journey it is not limited to only one area of your life. It is overall development that happens. Some of the areas that are impacted by coaching are:

Benefits of working with Me

Discovering Yourself: The first step of any successful coaching journey is to help you discover your true self. A good coach will help you identify your life values. Once you realize what your life values are ; the way you will operate in your life will be very different.

Coding: A coach helps you realize your coding & helps you come out of your self-limiting belief so that your mind is open to possibilities which leads to a growth mindset.

Successful Life: A Coach will help you identify your definition of success and helps you get clarity about your goals. Once you identify your goals, your coach will help you convert these goals into outcomes which will be achievable effortlessly. You will also get clarity on which outcomes should you prioritize.

Overcome Challenges: A Coach will also help you overcome all the challenges which might be hindrances in your successful happy life even before they arise and at the same time empower you to handle them if you face them in future.

Success Blueprint: You get a success blueprint for lifetime. Unlike a counselor or a therapist, you do not need to keep coming back to your coach because by end of your coaching journey you will be empowered enough to live a happy balanced successful life independently.

Fulfilling Life: When you will live a life of self awareness & empowerment you will not be depending on the circumstances & situations in your life to change for you to thrive. You will be unstoppable & will be able to thrive in any given situation.


She is a great Life Coach! If you’re truly looking for transformation in life, do schedule you discovery session! I highly recommend her.

Tanu Mehndiratta

I would like to thank you for being my  coach. I am feeling more positive in myself .I came to the stage where I can focus more and ready to give my full effort to achieve what am looking out for without any doubt on myself .Your coaching has changed my outlook on life and possibilities. It was great experience working with you .I truly see the impact of    this coaching program in all areas of my life. I will  recommend you as a coach to my other friends as well.
Thank you once again for being my amazing life coach and a great mentor – You really rock!


I am Malathi Hegde, a girl who had challenges with a limited beliefs that I can achieve only limited things. My life took a 360% turn when I came across this amazing program called Incredible you and to top it an amazing coach Bharati. The way Bharati made me aware of the situation and my real potential is just commendable. She just had simple but meaningful questions to ask. With her evergreen smile and her approachable attitude made me feel so comfortable that I could completely be myself.
A person who didn’t what to do until last 2 months back, not only knows the purpose of life but also I have achieved one of my outcomes and this is all because of my coach, mentor Bharati just can’t thank enough of her to bring this transformation in me.

Malathi Hegde


Email : info@lifecoachbharati.com