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Afreen Khan Certified Transformation Coach And An Author

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Hi I am Bharati Sharma, Transformation Coach & Author. I have over 15 years of experience into Human Resources working into various corporates. My enriched experience of working with people from various backgrounds, across levels helped me understand different mindsets. I have always been very curious about why do different people behave differently in same situation.

So I had my share of struggles after I quit my 9-5pm job. I decided to take help and signed up for my transformation journey because I was tired of not being able to change situation or circumstances around me. I did the best thing I could do. With this transformation journey I got answers to all my questions. I also realised it is not only important to seek help when you are not able to solve for challenges & problems own your own, but also important to seek help even before the problem arises.

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Email : info@lifecoachbharati.com